Blomus Atrio Fire Basket – Simple Warmth with a Pure Design

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Today homeowners are extending their living space and designing contemporary backyard spaces that blend perfectly with modern interiors. Using stylish furniture and accessories, your outdoor living space becomes a safe and comfortable retreat from the stresses of life.

With the Blomus Atrio fire basket, your patio and yard are graced with the comfort and beauty of a campfire packaged in a striking and contemporary design. This piece is alluring and unique, even without the accompanying flames. A true focal point in any circumstance, this fire bowl is pure art.

Blomus Atrio Fire Basket

Stainless Steel for Strength

The design philosophy at Blomus centers on stainless steel. By using this remarkably strong and amazingly beautiful material to create home accessories, German based Blomus has made a mark for itself around the globe.  Besides striking beauty, stainless steel also provides unmatched durability.  No worries about rust or corrosion with this incredibly resilient material.

To add a European flair to your backyard the minimalist style Atrio fire basket is an excellent choice. The 21 inch diameter basket stands nearly 15 inches high and is supported by three sturdy, round legs.

In terms of design, three legs are better than four. Although that might seem strange, a triangle is naturally well balanced and provides the ideal base for a fire bowl. Never worry about tipping and be assured that the weight of the firewood inside will be well supported by the triple legs on the Atrio model.

Create an Ideal Spot for Romance

With the Atrio fire basket, some cozy seating and a little privacy, anywhere in your yard becomes the perfect romantic destination. This open fire pit is simple to use. Just gather seasoned, dry firewood and stack properly inside the bowl. It has been designed with a decent depth, easy access and ideal air flow.

Simply add a bottle of wine and some music to set the mood and you find yourself watching the stars together or enjoying the warmth of the flames. No messy pits to dig and mar the pristine beauty of your yard. No large hearth units to take up valuable space.

The Atrio fire basket can be used even in limited yard space. In the city, country or suburbs, this fire bowl fits right in. You can choose to build a small fire inside or keep adding logs to the basket and snuggle the whole night away together.

Subtle and Sleek

The Atrio model is designed with all tastes in mind. Not ornate, it still carries a sense of class with smooth, cylinder legs and a perfectly round basket. Much like other accessories in the Blomus line, the Atrio has a simplicity that will draw the eye and promote a sense of calm.

Being a smaller fire bowl, this model is also easy to clean and move around. Store it away easily in harsh weather conditions and move it into a more central location when all of your friends come over. This model will be everything you need in an outdoor wood burning fire basket.

It matches any decor without fuss and is simple to operate and maintain. The strength of stainless steel delivers a dependable hearth unit that will take you and your sweetheart through season after season of romance.

If you’re looking for a simple, modern addition to your backyard, the Blomus Atrio fire basket is ideal. For romance, dependability and versatility, this fire bowl will certainly deliver. Shop quality online retailers now and invest in romance right outside your patio door. The Atrio proves that good things really do come in small packages and with free shipping, this purchase is even better. Buy this model today and look forward to romantic nights together in warmth and contemporary style.

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