The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Fire Pits Review-Innovative Designs Will Wow You

Folks who do not have access to firewood to keep a fire pit going have an alternative that makes fire starting as easy as the push of a button. Whether you are looking for outdoor or indoor fire pits, the Outdoor GreatRoom Company offers designs that eliminate the need for cleaning up that unsightly leftover firewood debris and the task of disposing of unwanted ashes while offering a charming beauty that makes relaxing easy.

Founded in 2003 by Dan Shimek, a 27 year veteran of the fireplaces and heating industry, the company combines innovative technology and design in keeping with their philosophy of creating outdoor rooms with an elegant look that can rival the beauty, warmth and comfort of your favorite indoor living spaces.

Venturi Flame Technology Redefines the Look of Fire

This Minnesota, USA based company’s patented Venturi Flame Technology eliminates the need for wood or charcoal and makes starting a fire as easy as eating a tasty slice of homemade apple pie. Simply place a container of alcohol-based fuel gel in the unit’s base and light it with a flick of a cigarette lighter. The fire pit will begin to glow with spinning and swirling flames. These units are equipped with a turbo disc that is combined with a glass cylinder to create the aesthetically pleasing dancing motion that will enthrall and mesmerize your guests with its simple beauty.

Should the glass cylinder become broken, it will not shatter into a thousand pieces. The fact that tempered glass stays together is insurance against injury from broken glass fragments and shards. The Venturi Flame units operates with a biofuel that is a clean form of energy that will not permeate the air with unhealthy smoke emissions, odors or toxic fumes.

It’s no surprise that Shimek managed to come up with another innovative piece of technology in the outdoor fireplace, grill and furniture arenas. Shimek worked with his brother Ron to start Heat-N-Glo, a company whose mission was to provide customers with the means to start a cozy fire with the touch of a button, in 1975. The company introduced the world’s first direct vent, chimney free fireplace that prevents gas from entering the home.

Beautiful Crystal Fire Sparkles Like Jewellery

Innovation in the field of fire is the  hallmark of the Outdoor Greatroom Company. Other patented technology includes the Crystal Fire Burner that they have married with their elegant selection of traditional, classic and modern styles fire pit tables. A control panel sits on the tables, lighting the burner at a push of a button. The Crystal Fire glass sparkles like diamonds as the flames reflect in it. Watch the flames get even bigger and brighter when reflected in a sleek black glass table top wicker table. All designs come with matching inserts that will convert them back to a table.

On the other hand, if a traditional campfire look suits your style, the ceramic log option will take you camping. Or insert a stainless steel bowl with ice for drinks for the cocktail party.

Be reassured these fire pits are built to last and perform. Powder coated aluminum frames, durable stainless steel components and lightweight cast concrete (that provides the beauty of traditional stone without the weight) all make your fire pit maintenance free. The Company has thought of the whole package including optional vinyl covers to further protect against the elements.

Quality, hard wearing materials and solid construction ensure that this company’s products will be around for years to come. The Shimek family will probably come up with a new, trendsetting idea long before their current styles of fire pits wear out.

And you can mix and match their timeless, traditional designs such as the square contemporary stone and stucco models to the traditional resin wicker style with their own collections of furniture, pergolas and lighting to create an instant and appealing outdoor room.

It’s hard to go wrong with these innovative, trendsetting fire pits from the Outdoor Greatroom Company, they are built to outperform the industry standard. Discerning buyers will get savings and great value. Get one of these sophisticated products from a manufacturer and designer who has forged a 25 year reputation on innovation and quality.

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