California Outdoor Concepts Fire Pits Review-Multifunctional Features to Dine and Lounge in Style

You will love the innovative products offered by California Outdoor Concepts for stylish outdoor living. The diverse range and functional designs of its fire pits and fire pit tables ensures there is a product for every occasion from lounging to dining. Located in sunny southern California, California Outdoor Concepts is totally immersed in a culture of people who take the time to regularly enjoy outdoor dining and entertaining, so the company has gone out of its way to incorporate a number of different lifestyles into its range of luxury products.

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Choices that Reflect your Lifestyle

In order to reflect individual choices, California Outdoor Concepts understands that fire pit tables need to be multifunctional and convertible to gain maximum usage. One notable feature of this product range is the availability of tables of differing heights to embrace the diverse needs of individual customers. For the younger crowds who prefer to socialize while perched at a bar, there is a 36-inch bar height or a taller 42-inch Del Rio height. For the host or hostess who wishes to charm his or her guests with a sumptuous dinner, there is the 30-inch dining height. And then there is the cozy 24-inch chat height for more relaxed, intimate gatherings where people of all ages may gather for cocktails or appetizers before dinner or may perhaps round off an enjoyable evening with coffee and conversation.

What really sets this company apart from all the rest is the fabulous choice of finishes to suit any backyard decor. If you choose an everlasting granite countertop for your fire pit table, you can select from three different colors: pebble, sunset gold, or sea green. Or maybe you would like the base to be made of solid copper or a powder-coated non-corrosive metal like wrought iron. Other materials used are formed aluminum or even centuries-old stone for maximum durability. For a more modern look, the manufacturers have used cast resin that comes in your choice of brown or black and have created composites like glass fiber-reinforced concrete in a  multiplicity of colors like adobe, chocolate brown, sage or black.

Multiple Functions for a Variety of Experiences

Versatility is also a mainstay of California Outdoor Concepts fire pits. Many of the fire pit tables are convertible using an interchangeable center piece. The optional insert provides the following choices:

  • Circular piece with hole for umbrella
  • Fire pit with ceramic logs
  • Stainless steel ice bucket cooler insert
  • Fire bowl with tumbled glass – available in bronze, gold, clear or smoked colors
  • 16-inch barbecue grill

The jewel like colored tumbled glass can be customized to fit your decor. They will not only sparkle when lit by the flames but will also add a touch of color to that special holiday and even birthday or other celebration. However, if you want something else that is just as exquisite, California Outdoor Concepts has designed a fire pit that doubles as a water feature! This amazing stand-alone fire pit has flames erupting from the center while water cascades down the outside to truly stimulate all your senses.

So, if you’re looking for a focal point for your outdoor living space that will be versatile and functional, California Outdoor Concepts no doubt has the product for you and there is the added bonus of minimal set-up and installation so long as you abide by the safety guidelines provided for hooking up your model to a gas supply. All the fire pits burn using natural or liquid propane gas (LPG) that can be regulated to adjust the amount of heat required. The LPG tanks designed for use with fire pits generally provide around four hours of burn time with continuous usage.

From traditional to modern, California Outdoor Concepts has covered a multitude of options – the sky is your limit when you choose to dine or lounge. The products are handcrafted and the finished pieces boast impeccable prestige that is reflected in the high-end prices. But with these products, you’ll no doubt agree that the resultant improved quality of life is priceless!

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