Fire Sense Fire Pits Review – Proven Choice, Variety and Versatility

Don’t let cooler temperatures end your outdoor relaxation. Consider adding a fire pit that can extend your outdoor recreation season to include 12 months of the year. As long as clear skies permit you to enjoy your outdoor patio or backyard, Fire Sense fire pits can provide the comfort you need to stay toasty warm while you enjoy the best starry night that Mother Nature has to offer.

Located on beautiful Amelia Island in the sunshine state of Florida, these folks should know a thing or two about leisure living and outdoor comfort! Fire Sense offers a nice selection of charcoal and wood burning fire pits that can add the perfect finishing touch to any backyard experience.

U.S. Designed For Consumer Needs

The fact that they have offices in Shanghai, China, allows them to produce products inexpensively and pass the savings on to the consumer. In house engineers oversee products that are designed and manufactured around the globe with quality control in mind. This ensures that consumers get affordable products with both style and quality.

Whether you are looking for a simple, efficient fire pit or one that will add stylish beauty to your outdoor niche, Fire Sense has what you need.

Styles range from contemporary, modern fire bowls to classic designs for that timeless look. Traditional style fire pits will complement the architecture of yesteryear.

They also come in a variety of sizes and weights that will ensure that the wind won’t launch it into your neighbor’s yard. There is a size that will fit and illuminate any area of your patio, deck or backyard.

Consumers looking for more than a “fire pit” will find designs that will draw your friends into the conversation. Round or square, these coffee table fire pits allow for democratic seating so that you and your party can enjoy some spirits or a mug of hot mulled cider together over a crackling fire. Stone surfaces such as tile and slate offer easy cleanup for those drink spills as well as keep you a safer distance from the flames.

Practical and Pretty Too

Safety is important to the folks at Fire Sense. All models come with a screen lifter and dome fire screen to catch embers. Safety rings encircling some models ensure that the unit can be lifted comfortably by a few individuals and at the same time prevents you from getting burned. These strong metal handles and thicker guage screens are built to last.

  • Sturdy, high grade steel plated with high heat powder-coated finishes
    ensures a long product life that can stand up to the rigors of the outdoors for years to come.
  • Durable commercial-grade hammered stainless steel will not be degraded by rust
  • Solid hammered copper for that lustrious hand-hewn look will be enveloped by a rich patina over time.
  • Old world bronze finishes will complement any traditional home.
  • You can also keep these finishes clean and fresh with one of their handy covers.
  • Stainless steel grates and grills accompany the models and are perfect for cooking up a culinary treat. Just add wood or charcoal and let the feast begin!
  • Some fire pit designs are made with convenient, handy shelves to hold firewood so you don’t have to leave the warmth of the glowing flames in search of more wood so you can keep that steak warm instead of burnt.

These reasons are why Fire Sense fire pits and fire bowls, will add a touch of class to any outdoor area and are a good, practical and and affordable choice for mostly any outdoor recreation area. So don’t let one pass you by. Have it shipped for free to your home by visiting this trusted online retailer.

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