Cocoon Fires PTY LTD Review-Fireplaces that are Out of this World

If you’re looking for a stunning fireplace in the luxury market, then Cocoon Fires PTY LTD is the supplier for you. The company is based in the far away land of Australia, and the products are out of this world—literally! The space-age design of these fireplaces conjures up images of unidentified flying objects. They are ellipsoid in shape and can be suspended from a ceiling or can be free-standing on tripod legs.

Designed by the talented Latin American, Federico Otero, these futuristic pieces are destined to become classics of the modern era. Otero is an industrial and interactive designer who has worked with a variety of materials and luxury products and his work has been featured in international media.

Unique, Minimalistic Styles will Blow You Away

Although there are few models to choose from, these indoor outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are so unique, you probably wouldn’t want to stray far from this visionary design. When not being used, the sleek design serves as amazing eye candy. The clean lines and distinctive shape will enhance any environment. Crafted out of a, high quality, stainless steel, you can choose from the pure simplicity of the shiny mirror polished steel finish, or the alternative high heat black enamel finish. Even though trends come and go in a somewhat fickle manner, Cocoon’s fireplaces have a timeless quality that you will want to keep forever, because they satisfy the need for beauty combined with functional versatility (Qualities which have been been reaffirmed by winning awards for design excellence at Design expos and being chosen chosen as ‘Hot Pick” by the New York Daily News).

One presumes the manufacturer, Cocoon Fires, developed its name from the appearance of these funky, cocoon-shaped creations. The innovative design by Otero creates the impression that the outer shell protectively encases a living entity, much the same as a real cocoon protects the caterpillar until it is mature enough to emerge as a butterfly. This parallel reflects an element of truth as the outer casing will prevent the living flames within from spreading beyond their intended location.

Environmentally Friendly and Very Portable

Both the hanging fireplace and the standing fire pit would fit well inside or outside of a mid-century modern home or as a cool, innovative feature in a 60’s retro-style homestead. The contemporary design blends quality construction with eco-friendly functionality. Cocoon’s fires run on the biofuel, ethanol, which burns cleanly without soot, smoke, or messy residue. The burner within the unit will accommodate two liters of fuel that will give three to four hours of burn time at a temperature that is adjustable by sliding a damper across the flames. According to the manufacturers, the temperature of the top part can reach 310F, so the fires are perfectly capable of warming up most indoor and outdoor rooms.

The products are stunningly beautiful and unbelievably functional; they will enhance your lifestyle both indoors and out. The portability of Cocoon Fires PTY LTD fireplaces and fire pits is another bonus feature; they are not too big or ungainly to carry or relocate and they are easy to install. Cocoon’s fireplaces require no firewood, gas connection or exhaust system and the use of biofuel makes them very environmentally friendly.

Because the cocoon is made of 316 marine grade steel, the manufacturer recommends the product for people living in coastal areas. As expected, there is a price to pay for high end, luxury quality, stainless steel that will resist the elements, but the money will be well spent on this superior product that is so much more than mere extravagance. You will not regret purchasing one of Cocoon’s well-designed, practical pieces for your home because it will provide a flexible heating source and will double up as a stylish focal point that will be the envy of your social circle. Go ahead and peruse  this award winning collection.

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