Blomus Fire Pits Review-Pure Elegance and Quality

Whether you’re new to outdoor living or you’ve been in harmony with nature for some time, you will know for sure that true ambience can only be achieved with the warmth and glow of fire. Fire pits not only serve as the main focal point of an outdoor living space, but also provide heat to take the chill out of the cool night air and create a soothing light for entertaining your guests. Blomus fire products do all these things and more—these fire pits will show your friends you have real class!

Chic Styling for Those with Exquisite Taste

Blomus has created a contemporary style that exudes elegance in a way that will attract admirers from far and wide. These timeless pieces are true modern classics. Unfortunately, there are few models to choose from, but the sleek, stainless steel lines and trendy European designs will have you craving for more. Blomus offers fire baskets, fire bowls and table-top fire pits; all are made with legendary high quality German craftsmanship. Each piece seems to emanate a seamless round or cylindrical shape and the table-top fire pits are encased in frost-proof ceramic that is smooth and appears cool to touch.

The beauty of these smooth, shiny, stainless steel center pieces lies in the simplicity of a design that combines art with function. They are not overly large and are therefore very portable (the largest piece is 21 and one quarter inches in diameter and weighs 25 pounds), yet the conversations about them will be huge, because Blomus has succeeded in creating chic, sophisticated, focal points for you and your guests to admire and enjoy. The Blomus design philosophy is to soften the cold, sterile edge of the stainless steel by combining it with other contrasting materials, so this philosophy seems well represented by the stark contrast of the cold steel with the warm irregularities of living flame.

Functional and Eco-friendly

From a functional point of view, the fire pits, bowls and baskets are all fully portable and work without flues, pipes, cables, smoke or odor. Although burning wood is an option, a major plus factor is that Blomus fire products use eco-friendly biofuels like ethanol or denatured alcohol in gel form for clean burning without soot. Each model is designed with a small reservoir which is filled with the gel when you need a fire; this gives about three hours of burn time and leaves no residue. The biofuel may not burn as hot as propane or natural gas, but this is not a fault of the Blomus design, it is just the nature of the fuel. All the fire products come with a long-handled snuffer that allows for safe extinguishing of the flames when no longer required.

If you’re looking at the luxury end of the market, then Blomus fire pits should definitely be a consideration for you. Imported from Germany and distributed in the U.S., these products are made of the finest grade stainless steel and are both rust proof and durable. Established in 2001, Blomus is a high-end, design-led brand with prices that reflect the very best of quality. Stainless steel is one of the heaviest metals and is therefore one of the most expensive, but this superior feature will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd and you want to install a focal point that doubles as a major talking point, then look no further. But, don’t expect to find this kind of quality product in a general department or home improvement store; Blomus fire products are generally only found online or at higher-end retail stores.

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