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For many years, s’mores have been a staple of camping trip delights – the perfect blend of fluffy marshmallows, smooth chocolate and graham crackers to create an ideal accompaniment to a flickering campfire. This traditional treat, although incredibly tasty, can become an expected gesture around a campfire or sitting around the fire pit in the garden. Why not surprise your guests or family by making them something they haven’t experienced before – how about some s’mores drink ideas?

Great Tasting S’mores Drinks!

Just as you can pep up the original recipe for s’mores, you can also innovate completely by creating fun s’mores drinks for both kids and adults alike. For kids you can whip up a batch of delicious smores smoothies with some milk, chocolate syrup, a tablespoon of marshmallow fluff, a little ice and some chocolate and graham crackers to garnish – who’d have thought you could drink s’mores!

This is not the only s’mores drink idea, there are so many ways to take this traditional snack and give it a twist of your own. For example, for a delicious s’more drink to warm you up around the fire pit this winter, why not try dipping the rim of a coffee cup in a little water then dipping it in crushed graham crackers, carefully add hot chocolate of your choice and top with either marshmallow fluff or a toasted marshmallow to dip in the hot chocolate; a yummy way to warm you up this winter.

Shaken smores, not stirred

S'mores Martini Follow Me on Pinterest

S’mores Martini. Photo Courtesy of Tasty Trials

Of course, smores are not just for kids, so why not try making smores cocktails? It may seem a bit unusual but sipping a smores martini from a graham cracker covered rim of a martini glass can leave you feeling more than a bit indulgent and decadent. For this tasty smores alcoholic drink you can experiment a lot but the basic recipe would be a small measure of fluffed marshmallow/Vanilla/Cake flavoured vodka, a small amount of crème de cacao and a teaspoon of chocolate syrup with cool whip and ice.

Add these ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Once blended, dip the rim of a martini glass into chocolate syrup then into crushed graham crackers. Pour in your smores cocktail and enjoy!

You can alter the recipe to add less alcohol or a suitable alcohol of choice to enjoy your smores in whatever way you please. These are great smores drink ideas to turn a classic kid’s favouite into something a little special for adults too.

For the original and full recipe for this Smoretini head on over to TASTY TRIALS.

A Shot of Sumptuous S’mores Smores Shooters Follow Me on Pinterest

You could create little smores shots in shot glasses with a flaming marshmallow on top for little tasty delightful drinks; you can add a little amaretto to hot chocolate and dip the rims of shot glasses into delicious amaretto then into crushed graham crackers.

Carefully add your smore drink and pour a little Bacardi or any other flammable liquor over a marshmallow and place it on top of the shot glass and light it with a flame.

Be sure to blow out the flaming marshmallow before attempting to drink the shot and make sure that the hot chocolate is not too hot or this could burn your mouth.

This is a wonderful little mouthful of paradise that can be enjoyed around a campfire or even just in your back garden or at a bonfire party.

Head over to BARBARIC GULP for the full alcohol inspired recipe and details.

S’mores are a great snack that everyone will love and while you can go for the real thing and make them outdoors on a fire or indoors in an oven – smores drinks are a great way to innovate and turn a tasty favourite into a delightful drink.

Need s’more time?

If you don’t have a lot of time, you could always dip a milkshake glass in water then crushed graham crackers and pour chocolate milkshake into the glass, top with a few small marshmallows or toast some large marshmallows and add them to the milkshake. You could also add marshmallow fluff if you have any handy and top with a sprinkling of grated chocolate for a drink that kids will adore. You could even add a dollop of creamy chocolate ice cream for a more indulgent flavor.

So the next time you are sitting around the fire pit or enjoying a bonfire party, why not try making some s’mores drinks to delight your guests and provide a great talking point as you all reminisce about making s’mores around the campfire. With so many fresh and interesting smores drinks ideas, the most difficult thing will be working out which one to make first!

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