Three Good Reasons to Have a Fire Pit by the Pool

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Fire pit by the pool. Christina Thompson photo. Courtesy One Specialty.

Fire pit by the pool. Christina Thompson photo. Courtesy One Specialty.

They add another reason to go sit by your pool.

Having a fire pit poolside adds extra functionality and ultimately provides two destinations to your outdoor space instead of just one, being your pool. Now your pool area provides a place to go sit down and enjoy a crackling fire – even when it’s too cool to use the pool or you’ve swum all day. Add a grill to your fire pit so that you can cook some food. You can roast marshmallows after a nice day of swimming as it gets dark outside. You can also have some great family night activities because a fireplace creates the perfect light for socializing. You can also throw some great fire pit parties. Just start a fire and have some fun!

They can keep you warm after a swim.

Having a fire pit next to your swimming pool can provide your swimmers with extra warmth from cold water or blustery days. They’re especially nice if your swimming pool is not heated, and if your pool is located in a cooler climate. Additionally, you can even put your fire pit in the middle of your pool so you can have a fire-light swimming experience! There are so many options such as having a fire pit inside of a pool bar, bringing light, swimming and drinks together that you can use your imagination to create. Having a fire pit can also expedite the drying process after a cool swim, which is always much appreciated if you don’t have a towel. They help make your outdoor living space usable all year round. In the winter months, you will want to use your fire pit more often, and in the summer months your pool will probably be used more.

They complement each other.

Having a fire pit by the pool can provide you with great atmosphere and ambiance. The pool reflects the flames off of the water to create a great sparkling, reflective surface on your pool. A fire pit’s bit of intimate, dancing orange, yellow and red provides great color to offset the blue water of your pool.  The trickle of water coming from your pool combined with the crackle of your fire (if you burn wood) can make for relaxing sounds that anyone could listen to for hours. A fire pit can strictly be for decoration, too. Depending on what your fire pit looks like it can be a great conversation piece when you have company too. They can really set a good mood for rest and relaxation along with some swimming. There are a variety of styles to design fire pits to fit anyone’s needs and to fit any architectural theme.

With the right setting a fire pit can make a pool look even better. For many home owners fire pits appeal to them because of the intimate nature social magnetism they have and attract. The next time you think about an addition to your pool, think about adding a fire pit for extra functionality and increased property value!

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