Outdoor Movie Night Ideas By the Fire Pit

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Now that summer is officially in full swing, spending as much time outside as possible is a must. But what about all those indoor activities you love, like watching your favorite movies? You don’t have to sacrifice either activity; with a little bit of innovation, you can spend a lovely evening enjoying films around your fire pit.  Watching movies outdoors is a real treat, and would be the perfect activity for a bonfire party or backyard campout.  If you’re never watched movies outside before, you probably have some questions about the whole process. Read on for all the answers you need for a few outdoor movie night ideas. You’ll be passing out the popcorn in no time!

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Enjoy movie nights outside in the backyard. Set up an Outdoor Movie Theater Projector and get out the popcorn and warm yourself by the fire pit.

How Do I Watch Movies Outside?

There are a number of different ways to bring your favorite Hollywood hits out to the fire pit. One very easy method is to use your laptop or other portable device to stream films from the internet using sites like Netflix or Hulu. Television companies like DIRECTV and others have services which allow you to watch television shows or movies from On Demand or from your DVR on portable devices such as your iPad. Another option is to use your laptop to watch a DVD from your movie collection.

If you prefer to watch a movie on a bigger screen, there are ways to do that outside as well. For this method of outdoor movie viewing you will need to set up an LCD projector and a large weather-proof display screen, such as an inflatable screen. While these items are available for purchase, they can be very expensive. One way to cut costs is by creating a simple homemade screen, like the one in the above photo. All it takes is one white sheet, stretched over PVC pipes and then mounted on boxes. To cut the costs of the projection equipment, use a company in your area to rent one for a few weeks or just one fun movie night. Remember to get the fire pit going to help you keep yourself warm and grill some hot dogs for the guests.

What Should I Watch?

Now that you’re all set up for a movie night by the fire, you just have to choose the perfect film.  Since you’re spending an evening outside, keep your movie choice in that same theme and watch a flick that takes place in the great outdoors. If you love telling scary stories around the fire pit, you’ll love the 1997 horror film Campfire Tales. This anthology film is centered on a group of teenagers telling ghost stories around a campfire. Featuring four chilling legends each more terrifying than the last, Campfire Tales may have you screaming out loud.

A movie option that will be fun for the whole family is The Parent Trap. In this unforgettable Disney film, twin girls separated at birth are reunited while spending a summer at sleep away camp. The twins’ shenanigans will have kids of all ages in stitches, and the film’s great campfire scene will make you especially appreciative of your own fire pit.

A more adult selection is the timeless classic On Golden Pond. This 1981 film starring Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda, and Jane Fonda follows three generations of a family through one summers’ events at their cottage on Golden Pond. The movie, which was nominated for 10 Academy Awards and won in three of those categories, is both poignant and humorous, and is an excellent film to enjoy with loved ones.

Whichever movie you choose, enjoying the film outside around your fire pit is sure to an incredible experience. After all, what could be better than spending an evening under the stars while watching your favorite on-screen stars?

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