Fire Pit Snuffer Lids Review

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When you think the flames are out in your fire pit, more often than not they are still burning.

There are far too many accidents with fire pits in any season:

  • Falling into the pit is one
  • Flames spread and start a fire because the  fire has not been extinguished properly.

When you think it is out, there are probably embers still burning beneath the ash, so you just cannot just leave the fire pit unattended. Remember, safety is always first priority.

Most manufacturers provide a mesh or wire screen with your kit but are not sufficient protection. They are great so long as you are tending to and are watching the fire at all times. But when it is time to pack it in and prevent the flames from spreading, a solid one is the safest: that way you can snuff the flames out right away. Snuffers are often not provided by the manufacturers or suppliers.

As your flames start dying out, place a metal snuffer lid on to ensure no flames escape. When the ashes are fairly cool,  remember to get the shovel out, take out the bucket of water and “Soak it, stir it, soak it again”.  When the ashes are cold to touch, you can remove them and place the ashes in a box for good for reuse elsewhere.

The solid piece of steel will contain the flames and prevent any fires from spreading as well as keep mischievous kids and unwanted animals and other critters out. These snuffers come in various sizes and shapes, either round or square. When looking for a cover, remember to ask the following questions:

  • What is the size of your pit?
  • What is the weight?  It should be heavy enough not to blow away in the wind.
  • Is it finished with a powder coat? This finish will last the longest outdoors as opposed to a paint finish.
  • If it is not powder coated or painted, is it a metal like stainless steel that will last in the outdoors the longest?

Here are a few OPTIONS to keep your flames in the fire pit:

1. 22 inch Decorative Fire Pit Fire Table Metal Cover

Attractive, lightweight and more decorative. Keeps the water out. Powder coated for the protection from the elements. Will cover a hole less than 18 inches or less.

Fire Pit Snuffer Metal Cover 22 inches Follow Me on Pinterest

Decorative Fire Pit Snuffer Metal Cover for 20 inch fire pit or smaller








2. 26 inch Decorative Fire Pit Fire Table Metal Cover 

Will fit a 24 inch hole or smaller. Similar to the above with a different design and look. Heavy enough at 17 pounds and it should not blow away.

Round Metal Fire Pit Snuffer Lid Follow Me on Pinterest

Round Metal Fire Pit Snuffer Lid for 24 Inch fire ring










3. 40 inch Round Steel Metal Snuffer/Lid

Heavy Duty. Fits over a 36 inch ring. Handle cutouts for easy removal. Hinged for convenient removal. High heat paint finish. 28 pounds is heavy enough so it won’t blow away.

Round Fire Pit Snuffer 40 inch Follow Me on Pinterest

Hinged Round Steel Fire Pit Cover / Snuffer for 36 inch fire pit for smaller











4. 40 inch Round Folding No Rust Stainless Steel Flat Fire Pit Cover

Heavy Duty. Fits over a 36 inch ring. Very convenient to carry as it folds via a 3inch wide welded hinge. No rust stainless steel. 25 pounds of weight will keep it from moving. Comes in 36 and 44 inches as well.

Folding No Rust Fire Pit Cover 40 inch

Folding No Rust Fire Pit Cover for 36 inch fire pit


5.  40 inch Square Steel Fire Snuffer Lid

Same as item 3 above with 2 convenient handles.

Square Steel Fire Pit Snuffer 40 inch Follow Me on Pinterest

Square Steel Fire Pit Snuffer for 36 inch square fire pit


Having a metal lid or cover is a must have investment. You can walk away from your fire pit with more confidence and for peace of mind folks, you will NOT regret it.

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