Fire Pit Roasting Tools for a Fun Cookout Anywhere

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No matter what time of year it is, there’s no better way of entertaining the kids by going outside to eat in the backyard or out camping and cooking your own food on a fire pit. Meal times can be a stressful time for families, but taking them outdoors can make it a fun time for everyone as long as you’re prepared in advance with all the right fire pit roasting tools.

What to cook?

It goes without saying that you need to decide what food you’ll be cooking as this will determine the type of equipment that you are going to need for the fire pit. Whether you’re planning on roasting sausages, smores, toasting marshmallows, shish kebobs, making popcorn or anything else, if you haven’t got the right tools for roasting over a campfire then you’re going to be left with a lot of disappointed kids (and adults)! Here are some esential and fun accessories for cooking over a fire pit.

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11 piece fire pit Cookout Set includes pie irons, forks and s’more maker


When you think of outdoor cooking, smores immediately spring to mind so top of your list is going to be a s’mores roaster. While you could go for a s’mores maker that has it’s own fire pit, fuel and accessories as a complete set, it’s not really practical to use that if you’re cooking at home or on a campfire when cooking other things at the same time, so a simple wire s’mores maker will be ideal and will make a great change from using a traditional metal or wooden skewer. Simply place your biscuits with toasted marshmallows and chocolate and flatten them with this tool and voila- ready made s’mores!

Sausages on sticks

If you’re going to be cooking sausages then forks are going to be another essential part of your selection of firepit roasting tools. Most of these will have wooden handles to ensure that you won’t get burnt while cooking and long enough to keep you safely from the fire. Forget a normal fork that you’d eat with though – just think longer and with just a couple of prongs to put the sausage on the end and you’re on the right track.

Marshmallows and Kebobs

I mentioned skewers earlier and these are going to be another important thing to have with you. Fancy roasting smores the old fashioned way? How about toasting some marshmallows to eat on their own? Or if you want something different and want to make shish kebobs? Metal or wooden skewers will be fine for toasting marshmallows as they won’t be over the heat for too long, but when it comes to kebabs, you’ll need longer metal skewers among your fire pit accessories, ideally with a wooden end so you can hold it safely.

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Stainless-Steel Skewers with wood Handles: great for marshmallows and kebabs


You might want to try something different and make popcorn outside as well. You can get popcorn poppers that have been made specifically for use with firepits that are easier to clean and have either longer or extending handles so they can be used safely and can be used just the same as you would making popcorn indoors at home.

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Campfire Popcorn Pit Popper by Great Northern

Sweets and Treats

Finally, if you want to make fruit pies, grilled cheese sandwiches (or any other type of grilled sandwiches), then you really need to get some pie irons amongst your fire pit roasting accessories too. There are several choices in terms of the shape of pie irons that you can buy although the most commonly available are square and round, and even specialist shapes for cooking burgers and waffles. Whether you go for an aluminum or cast iron pie iron is up to you as they both have their advantages and disadvantages but ultimately it’s down to personal taste.

Comparing the two types, aluminum are more lightweight and – if coated – can be much easier to clean than their iron counterparts but they’re not as long-lasting and they can become mis-shapen if they’re placed directly into the fire. However, cast iron can be a lot more durable, can develop it’s own protective non-stick coating after repeated use, distributes the heat to the food more evenly and it can cope with being put right into the fire. Understandably they are heavier and more difficult to clean though.

Whichever shape and size you pick, and they’re quick and easy to use, cooking your sandwiches over the firepit in just a few minutes.

Most fire pit roasting tools can be bought online fairly easily so the only hard part left is deciding what you are going to eat and sorting out the family feud over who is in charge of the cookout.

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