DIY Fire Pit Accessories

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Cooking outdoors can be great fun but even if you’re cooking at home on your own fire pit in your backyard, as well as the food, you still need quite a bit of equipment to be able to cook in the first place, so it can be expensive. To make things a bit easier on the pocket, and fun if you involve your children, you could try a few homemade fire pit tools instead…

DIY Wooden Skewers

One of the most popular foods that you’ll want to cook over a fire will be marshmallows and to toast them you’ll need some form of stick to put them on. While you can get skewers from any store, it’s easy enough to make your own to use that work just as well. If you’re out camping, just find a long stick around 2 – 3 feet long (but please don’t pull them off any trees) and with a sharp knife whittle the end until it has a reasonably sharp point and then it’s ready to use. Just remember not to get it too close to any flames!

DIY Metal Skewers

If you’d prefer metal instead of wooden skewers, you can still create these as part of your set of handmade fire pit accessories. What you need to do is take an old wire coat hanger and straighten it out carefully with a set of pliers. Take one end of the straightened hanger and bend it into a circle to create a makeshift handle and with a strong wire cutter, cut the straight end so the total length is no more than 3 feet. You must be careful when you use this skewer as there is no protection to stop the heat from the fire getting to your hands so you have to make sure you wear protective gloves when you use it.

For a variation on this – and something that’s a little safer – you can create a handled metal skewer instead. For this one, you need a trouser hanger – one of the wire ones with a cardboard tube at the bottom. Take the hanger and take the tube off but don’t throw it away as you’ll need it as your handle afterwards. Take some wire cutters and remove the ends that normally go into the tube as these two ends will be used for your marshmallows.

The next step is to straighten out the top part of the hanger and then you can insert that back into one end of the tube. Because the twisted top of the metal on the hanger will still be there, it should make a tight fit in the tube. You should have a finished marshmallow toaster (unless your children want to help and decorate them) and you’ll be able to toast plenty of marshmallows at one having two wires at the end!

Importantly from a safety point of view, before you use any metal diy fire pit tools, place the ends of them into the flames for a few seconds before you use them to burn off any oils or residues that might be on them or to remove any excess paint that may have been left on them, making them sterile and safe to use.

Whether you decide to make a wooden or metal skewer as one of your first handmade fire pit tools it will be one of the most useful as you’re already covered from the start for marshmallows and smores… and what else could you really ask for?

DIY Campfire Cooking Pan

If you need some variety in your homemade fire pit accessories kit, you could make your own pan for cooking that you could use for all types of food and even use for popcorn. All you need is a metal broom (without the broom head) and an aluminum bowl. Just drill a hole near the top of the bowl on one side with a 2 inch drill bit making a hole that will allow the handle to fit through it but still hold in place securely. When it comes to cooking in it, just cover the bowl with foil and a little oil and make sure there are a few holes in the foil to allow steam to escape.

DIY Forks

Finally, if you want to try something more elaborate, and feel up for a challenge, you could test your DIY skills and create your own marshmallow / sausage forks from coat hangers / steel wire, and broom handles. They’re not as simple to make as the ones we’ve covered already and involve making a simple winding tool for use with a power drill to be able to twist the hanger wire for the forks effectively, but they can produce some superb results if you’re willing to put the time and effort in.

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