Consider Campfire Cologne for Valentines Day

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Campfire Cologne perfume in a matchbox. Smoke yourself out with this woodsy scent available in Oak, Cedar and Birch. Photo courtesy of


Sense of smell can be a very powerful thing. The tiniest hint of a particular fragrance can send you down memory lane, and smell is the one sense that has the ability to do this as it is so closely linked with emotion. The perfume of some passing lady or gentleman can make you think back to the heady days of your youth; partying and hanging out with friends. The smell of the ground after it has just rained is also a very evocative scent, and freshly mown grass can lead you to think of warm spring days.

The Smell of a Roaring Fire

Some of the best fragrances are those that we find comforting and unsurprisingly one of the most frequently requested scents is campfire cologne – yep, that’s right, cologne that evokes memories of nights around a campfire, toasting marshmallows to make s’mores, and sharing a song or two with friends. You could recreate that feeling of warmth, security and comfort by finding the best woodsy cologne you can find. There are room fragrances that make the air smell of freshly baked bread and open log fires, so why not cologne that smells like a campfire?

If you think about it, there are a lot of woody perfumes and a lot of men’s colognes have woodsy smells so you are bound to find something that brings about the feeling of sitting around a crackling bonfire, warming your hands and watching fireworks in the distance. It may be the perfect scent for you and your inner woodsman but remember, the heady mix of smoked wood and forest fragrances may not be great for everyone – keep in mind how overpowering a car air freshener can be in an enclosed space, so probably best to use any campfire cologne sparingly!

Aide de Memoire

Everyone has different memories and so rugged scents can make you think of many things. The smell of your clothing after standing near a campfire for a long time can be quite pungent, but for some people that just takes them back to happier times, singing around the campfire as a child, camping in the great outdoors, and being at one with nature. Some people enjoy the scent of burning peat and this has been incorporated into fragrances and room fresheners. Different woods have different scents when they are burning so you may want to find a campfire scent that has notes of particular wood. There are a range of scented candles that can provide the heady mixture of scents you crave so it is worth looking.

It may seem a little unusual that anyone would want campfire scented cologne but there are many requests online asking for the best smoky scent and realistically it is all down to memory, finding a scent that takes you right back to a particular moment in your life. Your nose can truly take you back to happier times, as it is believed that the parts of the brain that control memory and emotion are in the same area as the olfactory system, making smell the easiest way to access memories and the emotive nature of the situation than any other medium such as sound.

For the reassuring scent of a campfire you could hang around a campfire all the time but probably not enormously practical in day to day life, so the next best thing is to find a really sumptuous campfire scent to wear on your beard whenever you are feeling nostalgic or opt for a fragranced room freshener for an overall scent sensation.

So if your man is a real woodsy, outdoors kind of guy consider giving this fun, unusual, tongue-in cheek gift to smoke himself out for Valentine’s Day! It comes in Oak, Cedar and Birch.

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