Bonfire Party Ideas

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A bonfire party is the ideal way to hang out with friends or celebrate special occasions. There are few things better than sitting around a flickering fire, chattering and singing with good friends and relatives – it provides some fantastic memories. Beach bonfire parties can be great fun and with the crashing of the waves on the sand under a blanket of stars makes the most wonderful backdrop for the perfect party. So what bonfire party ideas do you need to make your party the best?

Choose a Theme

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Bonfire Party Fun by the Beach, A few friends enjoy some drinks. Photodune Photo

You could always choose a theme for your party and prepare games and a music system for your guests, as well as little party favors to make the occasion memorable – for example, if it is Halloween, you could provide mini pumpkin shaped torches and set up a small treasure hunt to find clues in the surrounding area as to where the candy is hidden.

Tiki torches are a wonderful little decoration and you could use them to light the way from the beach to the party for some added adventure, and you can even find solar torches so you don’t need to light them if the wind would blow out the small flames.

Check the Regulations

If you are wanting to have a bonfire party beachside, always make sure to get in touch with the local authorities beforehand so they can advise on the best place to hold your bon fire – remember, always safety first! Make sure that there are plenty of foldable seats or seating places for your guests. If you are planning to have a sit down party you could leave a little goody bag on their seat filled with sweets or the ingredients to make s’mores (marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers) so they can have a go at making them too. Make sure there is plenty for everyone to drink or ask each guest to bring along their favorite drink and provide some paper cups and perhaps paper plates and cutlery – remember to clean up after your beach party.

Garden Bonfire Parties

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to your local beach, if you have a fire pit in the garden, this can also make for a fantastic fire lit night and there are so many bonfire ideas that you’ll be spoiled for choice. Many fire pits can accommodate a grill on top to allow you to grill tasty food and with a foldaway table containing a range of nibbles and salad items, your bonfire parties will be a big hit with everyone.

Beach Cooking

You can still grill food on a beach bonfire as long as you construct it carefully and don’t forget to bring marinated meats in food bags or plastic sealed containers and salad dressings can come along too with salad in a cool bag to keep them chilled right until the moment you need to lay them out. The foldaway table will come in handy again for a little buffet by the beach! Perfect bonfire party ideas!

Occasion Bonfire Parties

If you are having a bonfire party to celebrate a particular occasion such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, there are a range of ways that you could make a traditional meal over the bonfire, and many vegetables and accompaniments can be prepared beforehand and warmed on the fire or you could make subtle substitutions to the usual menu to accommodate making the meal over the bonfire. Remember of course, that colder weather will require you to wear warmer clothing but sitting around a roaring bonfire can lift the spirits and really add a warm atmosphere to any celebration.

There are lots of great bonfire party ideas to make your event go with a bang – fireworks can make a brilliant party even better! Again, check with the local authorities before setting off fireworks at the beach and remember to stick to the safety rules for the fireworks and keep an eye on children as fireworks can be exciting but also dangerous so keep them at a safe distance. Remember to bring sparklers for a little extra spangle to the party.

Fun All the Way

Beach bonfire parties and fire pit bonfire parties can be great fun and with the addition of some games to play or music to sing, this will bring the group together and also ensure that no-one gets bored. You could sing songs relevant to the occasion or choose themes to sing about or songs with particular words such as party or fire. If you have a guitar and someone can play, this can be a fun way to round off the evening. If no-one in your party is musically gifted, you can always bring an MP3 player and a speaker to liven up the party.

There are so many bon fire ideas to make your party go with a swing so why not plan your next special occasion around a flickering fire?

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