About the Editor

Karen Lee is a practicing interior designer who has designed both residential and commercial spaces. She holds a bachelor’s degree in interior design, and has won awards for art and design.

In fact, she just finished remodeling her own 30 year-old home. The fact that Karen is very experienced and knowledgeable in construction methods and materials came in very handy. She lives in a scenic hamlet outside of  Alberta, Canada with her husband and works from home.

Karen loves doing research on the Internet and enjoys researching products thoroughly before she buys; the Internet lets her see what people all over the world are doing and thinking. She knows that clients expect her to be aware of all of the latest trends.

As to her views, Karen believes that the interior of a home is just as important as the outside. She believes that fire pits are a key component in making an outdoor space come alive, since it can be such a mesmerizing focal point. Karen covers safety, practicality, functionality, design styles, cooking with a fire pit and much more. “The recommendations and reviews on this site will make your purchase easier,” she says.

Karen loves to travel and always has her camera handy, to record how other people and cultures live. She is an avid photographer.

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